If you have uncovered an infestation of society’s most undesirable house guests like roaches, bed bugs, or other pests, you most likely will want to rid of them at any cost. However, when choosing a pest control method, are you sure that you want to pay “any” cost?

If you are, then you can kiss your reasonable budget, electronics, anything made with plastic, most furniture, etc. goodbye. Now, are you so sure about wanting to go “nuclear” on your unwelcomed pests? Probably not. Though most pest controllers believe that using a heat based pest control system is just as effective as freezing with Cryonite, this is not entirely true. Yes, each system can effectively kill bugs. However, there is only one that is proven to kill pests while preserving your belongings.

While steam and heat both have their place in the bug killing hall of fame, Cryonite reigns supreme for many reasons. Before we get to those, let’s explore more about the pros and cons of each treatment type. 

Use Heat Treatments with Caution

Using heat treatments to destroy bed bugs can be like draining a pool to get one piece of trash out of it. The method might be effective, but did you really need to do that much? It would have been easier and more cost-effective to use a simpler strategy. This is the same for heat treatments. You will either have to remove furniture, clothing, electronics (computers, televisions, and all other technology that we can’t seem to live without) or cover them with thermal blankets before the treatment begins.

Unfortunately, this could allow those pesky bed bugs (or other insects) to just take a vacation until you reintroduce them back into your home after the heat treatment is completed. Though you could certainly leave these items in your home during the treatment and risk their almost certain annihilation. Also, heat treatments require more time, manpower, and equipment. That is apparent in the cost as well. You can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 to more than $50,000, depending on the size of the building. Conclusion: heat treatments are the better choice for severe infestations.

Steam Treatments Destroy Bugs and More

Steam can be quite an effective deterrent for bed bugs and other undesirable pests. However, heat can only be applied to a limited amount of surfaces without causing significant damage. The moisture created by steam can wreak havoc on your electronics, books, leather, etc.  In addition, steam doesn’t penetrate well into cracks and crevices. Conclusion: steam treatments can be great for some surfaces while Cryonite can be used on pretty much any type of surface. 

Why Cryonite is Kryptonite for Bugs

Cryonite Machine Image

Choosing which method of ridding yourself of an infestation can be much like choosing between a hammer and a screwdriver. While their purposes are somewhat aligned, in certain situations, one will prove to be more effective than the other. Cryonite is one of the safest and most effective forms of pest control. It is extremely effective for small to medium size infestations. Listed below are some of the most common reasons that top-ranked pest professionals choose Cryonite for bed bug infestations:

  • Cryonite can be used on almost any surface
  • Cryonite kills by freezing pests…a natural pest control method
  • Cryonite kills eggs, nymphs and adult pests on contact
  • It is effective for bed bugs, cockroaches, and similar types of pests

Conclusion: Cryonite treatments offer a nontoxic, effective, and cost-friendly pest control method. It can be used in any building, including homes, office buildings, restaurants, and medical facilities. Many of the top-ranked pest control companies employ Cryonite treatments because it is versatile, convenient, and more cost-effective than steam or heat treatments.

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