No one wants to deal with an infestation of bugs, especially bed bugs. In recent years, the number of bed bug infestations has increased dramatically.

Not only do these critters make life uncomfortable, spread infectious diseases as well as cause potential allergic reactions, but it can also be embarrassing. Explaining to friends, family, customers, etc. that your home or business has been invaded by bloodthirsty bugs is not a fun conversation.

Once an infestation has been uncovered, begin extermination efforts as soon as possible. Due to that fact that bed bugs spread at an impressive rate, they can quickly turn a difficult situation into a seemingly impossible one.

The larger the infestation, the more capital and time will have to be invested in order to eradicate these resilient bugs. While there are many options available to get rid of bed bugs, there is only one that can be enacted immediately without the use of extreme heat and/or toxins: freezing (i.e. Cryonite). Freezing bed bugs is a toxin-free, easy to deploy treatment option. Freezing can stop small to medium bed bug infestations in their tracks by immediately killing bed bugs, offspring, and eggs. 

How do Bed Bugs Spread?

Bed Bugs can spread at an alarming rate. What’s not so clear to most people, is how they regularly accomplish this feat. Understanding how such a proliferation is possible is the first step in potentially stopping it before it happens. Listed below are the most common ways that bed bugs spread.

  • Traveling in items: Bed bugs can travel from place to place in furniture, clothes, boxes, luggage, etc. Bed bugs can easily be introduced and transported into a new environment via customers, house guests, contractors, and the like.  
  • Crawling to new places: You’ve likely rarely seen bed bugs because they can move very quickly. In fact, they can move three to four feet per minute.
  • Quickly breeding: If a bed bug is not feeding, it is likely either mating or breeding. This allows them to spread at an alarming rate.  

Why it’s Important to Quickly Stop an Infestation

As previously mentioned, bed bugs breed often and quickly. A single bed bug can lay 100 or so eggs per month. By the end of the month, there can be 50 or 60 nymphs (developing infant bed bugs) including another 30 – 40 eggs waiting to be hatched.

This can quickly escalate. After roughly three months that number can grow to more than 100 feeding and breeding adults. This potentially leads to a population of thousands of eggs and nymphs.

If an infestation is allowed to grow for more than six months, it could result in thousands of breeding bed bugs in your home or business. This will likely result in many bites, frustration, and large scale business problems. If bed bugs can be detected within the first couple of months, the likelihood of quickly stopping the infestation at a reasonable cost dramatically increases.

If it becomes a large infestation,  you will likely have to use methods that require high temperatures. These methods come with the cost of toxic chemicals, and considerably higher pest control costs. 

Why Freezing Bugs is an Effective Approach

Bed Bugs can not survive in extreme temperatures. This is why some exterminators recommend using heat treatments. While this can be an effective method (especially for large infestations), it is also expensive and time-consuming.

Additionally, you will need to enlist the services of a pest control company to effectively kill pests with heat. This takes additional time and resources. Freezing pests with a treatment like Cryonite offers a solution that is toxin-free, immediate, and effective.

Unlike using heat or chemicals, when you freeze bugs you don’t have to worry about collateral damage to items. You can also take care of the infestation with having to vacate the entire property during or after the treatment. Property owners and/or staff can be quickly trained to use a machine that freezes bed bugs. This helps to avoid the exorbitant fees of exterminators.

Don’t allow your bed bug problem to persist any longer. Use the all-natural method of freezing them to finally rid yourself of this burden.

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