About Cryonite USA

Cryonite USA is a recognized leader in environmentally friendly pest control, and pest control in sensitive environments. The company manages, services, and distributes patented Cryonite technology domestically and abroad.

The company has achieved double digit growth in both 2015 and 2016, and this trend continues to climb as pesticide resistance among pests, greater regulation of traditional pest control products and practices, and demand for green services surges.

Collectively the team at Cryonite USA has over thirty years experience with Cryonite and over a century of experience in the larger pest control industry, enabling the company to be a great source for information and expertise regarding best practices.

Cryonite offers several solutions for pest control companies looking to add a powerful tool to their toolboxes. The technology is especially useful in sensitive environments like hotels, the food industry, hospital rooms, museums, sacred buildings, public trains, and offices, among others.

The management team includes:

  • Johannes Nyberg, President and CEO
  • Lennart Bjorkman, CFO
  • John Drain, VP of Sales
  • Michael Cook, President of U.S. Operations
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