The Fast and Effective Non-Toxic Way to Eliminate Pests

The Chill That Kills.

Cryonite’s patented nozzle design converts liquid carbon dioxide into particles of dry ice. The dry ice emerges from the lance at -78°C (-110°F) and kills pests on contact. Pests cannot build up a resistance to such treatments since no chemicals are involved.

Fast. Effective. Safe.

Fast Results

Our convenient and easy-to-use design requires no license for treating pests. With Cryonite, you can respond immediately to pests and resume immediately following a Cryonite treatment. Saving you time and money!

Clean & Green

Cryonite is environmentally friendly and hygienic. The carbon dioxide used is recycled from industrial processes, so Cryonite adds NO carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide is non-toxic and non-allergic making it a valuable component in any IPM or Green Pest Management Program.

Safe Application

Cryonite can be applied to almost any type of surface and even on most electronics with no effects. Additionally, Cryonite can be used in sensitive environments such as patient rooms, schools, and pet stores without the need for full shutdown.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We have been using the Cryonite System for over 6 years with great results, whether used as a standalone treatment, or used in conjunction with other methods. I like the fact that Cryonite can be used almost anywhere and on many sensitive belongings without any adverse effects. Cryonite has become a very valuable tool in all of our bedbug treatments.

Bryan Weiss
Owner, Terminators Pest Control LLC

I would like to let you know how much we love using your Cryonite machines. We started using them about 4 years ago and have increased our revenue each year since. The units itself are easy to use and very effective in getting rid of Bedbugs. We have also used them to freeze out roaches from infested homes with great success. The machines are extremely durable as we use them almost everyday of the week and have had no real problems with them. Calling and e-mailing your company has also been a pleasure as everyone who has responded has knowledge of the machines, are very pleasant to speak to, and respond quickly. I would absolutely recommend using these units and your company.

Nicholas Ferrante
General Manager, Excel Termite and Pest Control

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I appreciate your services. Your repairs to our Cryonite gun were made quickly and the price was more than fair. These days it is rare to find a company that backs their product after the sale. We will remain loyal to your product. Thank you!

Greg Miller
Associate Certified Entomologist, Your Pest Control Company

We have been using the Cryonite system now for almost a year. So happy with its versatility. This system is “AMAZING”! We use it along with our Bed Bug service program as well with Commercial applications for roaches. We are just amazed with it. Recently purchased additional machines. Thanks.

Justin Buckmaster
Marketing Director, Mother Nature’s Pest Control