Cryonite’s Service Guidelines for Stored Product Pests in Food Processing/Packaging/Storage 

Stored product pests that infest dried food goods — raw, processed and packaged, being small insects, are highly susceptible to being killed using Cryonite freezing technology. Successful control of these pests is multi-faceted and includes the following:

  1. Identification of infested food products or other sources (e.g., spilled grains or foods).
  2. Treatment, removal, or disposal of infested food products.
  3. Sanitation (e.g., vacuuming) to clean up spilled grains or foods.
  4. Application of Cryonite to surfaces and cracks where these insects are known or suspected.
  5. Application of crack & crevice and spot treatments with insecticides, where possible/necessary.

Food-infesting beetles and moths are the most problematic pests in grain processing, baking, food processing, tobacco, and pet food manufacturing facilities. Any building where dried, plant-based foods are housed, milled, processed, cooked, and/or packaged will experience issues with varying beetle/moth species on an infrequent to regular basis.

Download our step-by-step guide on controlling product pests with Cryonite.

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