An infestation of bugs can spell disaster for your business. Whether you are a hotel chain, apartment complex, restaurant, or some other kind of business, one negative review that mentions bugs can negatively impact the success of your business.

It is common to hire a pest control company to get rid of pests. While there are many positives that can be attributed to working with a professional pest control company, there are often negatives as well. Fortunately, there is a way to effectively and safely take care of your pest problems in-house using Cryonite.

Business owners that wish to save time, money, and safely treat pest infestations without the hassle of hiring traditional pest control companies often use Cryonite. Cryonite is one of the easiest to use pest control treatments on the market. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about stopping business operations or spending exorbitant amounts of money to train your staff to use it.

Learn more about the benefits of in-house Cryonite pest control treatments below. 

Why Hiring A Pest Control Company is Not Always The Best Solution

Pest control companies have been used to manage infestations of undesirable bugs for a long time. After all, they have the training, equipment, and expertise to stop most pest infestations in their tracks. Though these companies can get the job done, there is often collateral damage that comes along with calling a professional pest control company.

Before treatment can begin, you must call the company and schedule an appointment. Most of the time, all or part of your business operations must be halted while your establishment is being treated. This can cause you to miss out on potential business which will negatively impact your bottom line. Furthermore, having a pest control company’s vehicle parked in front of your business is typically not appealing to potential customers.

Most companies use toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to your employees and customers. In addition, pests can develop resistance to the chemicals. This means that you will likely have to treat infestations multiple times. There are certainly some situations that call for the use of a pest control company. However, unless you have a major infestation, those cases should be far and few in between. 

What is Cryonite and How Does it Work to Kill Pests?

Unlike insecticides and chemical-based solutions, Cryonite is non-toxic, easy to use, and effective. This method of pest control consists of using a Cryonite machine to spray frozen liquid carbon dioxide to kill pests. The CO2 is a temperature of -110 °F. This effectively freezes pests. Since Cryonite is not a chemically based treatment, insects are not able to build up a resistance to it.

Typically, Cryonite is most effective when used on infestations of roaches, bed bugs, and other stored product pests. Since it is so cold, it quickly kills most small and medium-sized insects. Larger insects may momentarily survive the initial blast of Cryonite. Although eventually, they will be flushed out of their hiding spaces. You can then easily use a vacuum to remove their dead and/or damaged bodies. 

Using Cryonite In-House: The Benefits of Do it Yourself Pest Control

Contrary to popular belief, pest control companies no longer have a monopoly on helping businesses to get rid of roaches, bed bugs, and the like. If you prefer to handle infestations immediately, safely, and in a cost-effective manner, Cryonite may be the solution that you are in search of. Find some of the many benefits that can be attributed to the use of Cryonite listed below: 

  • You can train your staff and employees to use Cryonite easily. They do not have to be pest control professionals or even members of your maintenance team. 
  • If you notice an infestation, you can act quickly. You will not have to wait to schedule an appointment. This can help your business to save time, money and effort. 
  • There is not a “wait time” associated with the use of Cryonite. Since there are no toxins involved, treated areas can be used within a few minutes of treatment.
  • Cryonite treatments give your team the flexibility to quickly kill pests before they have an opportunity to be seen by customers. 
  • Cryonite is an environmentally friendly solution.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From The Use of Cryonite?

All types of businesses have benefited from its use including hotels, hospitals, office buildings, sacred buildings, transportation companies (buses, trains, rental car agency), museums, restaurants, and many others. Since there are no toxic chemicals present, it can be safely used in a wide range of scenarios. 

The last thing that you want to be mentioned about your business is a bug infestation. Cryonite offers a quick, effective, and economical solution to your pest problems. Don’t wait on pest control companies anymore, use Cryonite to finally rid your business of pest infestations today. 

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