Cruise lines often have to deal with pest control on cruise ships. This takes time, resources, and temporarily prevents passengers from booking trips while they wait.

Ultimately, pest infestations affect the bottom line by reducing profits.

Smart cruise line operators are always on the lookout for newer, safer, and more efficient solutions for their pest control budget. What business wouldn’t want a solution that rids unwanted pests while improving cabin booking rates?

Read on to find out why Cryonite is the best pest control solution for cruise ships.

What Pests Can Be Found on Cruise Ships?

Cruise lines are typically very clean and free from all types of pests, but some can be very hard to get rid of. Even a completely pest-free ship can become reinfested with the newest set of passengers. There’s nothing the crew can do about it except treat the pest infestation all over again.

In particular, there are two pests that are more likely to return, no matter how many times the crew wipes them out. Bed bugs and German cockroaches tend to inhabit cruise lines, as these pests often travel aboard and remain undetected. Both pests avoid light, so they are always hidden in dark corners and crevices.

German cockroaches are easy to find; these roaches scurry around when the lights are off. You can typically walk in on them when you first enter a room or bathroom and quickly flip on the switch. Bed bugs make their presence known by leaving nasty bites on people’s skin that cause unpleasant itching.

You may find these nasty parasites late at night and in dark crevices, such as beneath your mattress.

Although most cruise ship pests will die from pesticides, some will survive and proceed to breed. The surviving cruise line pests develop resistance to pest control chemicals, making it harder to get rid of them with future treatments.

As a result, these superbugs might need stronger chemicals and more frequent treatments to deal with their new immunities.

Why Infestations Spread Quickly on Cruises

Nuisance pests produce vast numbers of offspring that can overwhelm and infest areas. When in wide-open places, these critters can spread out and become thinner in number. On a confined cruise ship, however, giant colonies of pests have nowhere else to go but throughout the ship.

Cruise ship cabins make it easy for pests to claim their territory. Engineers design cruise ship floorplans to maximize space and make it easy for passengers to move around. Unfortunately, it becomes a double-edged sword, because small pests also find it easy to occupy populated areas.

Since there are so many people in such small areas, bed bugs find it easy to locate their next meals. These nocturnal terrors prey on unsuspecting passengers as they sleep, then crawl into dark crevices to lie in wait for their next victim.

Passengers wake up with intense itching sensations on their bodies and accompanying red lumps of despair.

German cockroaches can use the entire cruise ship as their breeding grounds. These harmless pests do not need human blood, so they are free to camp out in places such as kitchens, bathrooms, public areas, or anywhere passengers may snack on their favorite delights. Since these cockroaches are so small, they can even exit the ship via hidden pockets in passenger luggage or clothing.

Cryonite Is the Best Solution for Pest Control on Cruise Ships

When it comes to containing pests on cruise ships, there is no better alternative than Cryonite. Our patented Cryonite nozzle design delivers liquid carbon dioxide as particles of dry ice that lay waste to even the hardiest of bugs.

Cryonite has many features and benefits that make it the best solution for pest infestations on cruise ships, as outlined below.

Unlimited Reach

Pesticides are harmful to humans, so they cannot be used in all spaces on a cruise ship. These chemicals are dangerous on surfaces that may come into contact with food and pose safety risks to crawling babies or pets. Some pesticides are not allowed for use without lengthy training, certification, and official licensing.

Cryonite is safe to use on any surface, even on those that come into regular contact with food. Use Cryonite in kitchens, dining rooms, bars, restaurants, or even child play areas. Plus, a licensed is not required to utilize Cryonite. 

No Unpleasant Odors

Pest control treatments may produce intense smells and leave behind unpleasant odors. These chemical smells can seep into upholstery and remain for days or even weeks. Passengers and crew staff will have to endure the stench for as long as it lingers.

Cryonite is made of odorless carbon dioxide that quickly evaporates into the air. After Cryonite treatment, cruise ship staff and passengers are unable to detect any disdainful smells. Passengers can proceed to enjoy their cruise line experience in peace.

Zero Recovery Time

Cruise ship occupancy rate is important, and cruise lines want to leave no cabins vacant. Pesticide treatments are hazardous and take time to complete, which prevents passengers from booking trips until the crew can finish up.

Cryonite makes it simple to treat pests on cruise ships with low preparation and limited downtime. Consequently, passengers can gain access to their cabins relatively quickly after the Cryonite pest control experience.

Free of Toxic Chemicals

Pesticides often contain harmful chemicals that are hazardous to people, children, and pets. These toxic chemicals cannot touch food preparation surfaces and must never be inhaled or consumed.

Cryonite has no harsh chemicals to harm people, children, or pets. It is safe to use around any living entity and poses to danger to the environment.

Smarter, Safer Pest Control on Cruise Ships

Cryonite is safe to use on all surfaces, leaves behind no unpleasant odors, provides limited downtime post treatment, is free of toxic chemicals, and ensures pests are unable to build up a resistance to the treatment. The entire Cryonite treatment system can be taught to onboard personnel in a matter of hours with the included training DVD. Even better, it includes all of the pest control equipment and accessories for your maintenance staff to get started right away.

If you’re ready to get started with smarter, safer pest control on cruise ships, then click here to contact us! Our friendly staff is ready to walk you through the entire process.

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