Your pet is more than a pet, it’s a member of your family. Whether you have a dog, bird, cat, turtle, rabbit, ferret or any other animal, it is imperative that you take their safety into consideration. This is even truer when it comes to preventing and/or eradicating pest infestations in your home.

Traditional pest control methods use chemicals and toxins that are dangerous to sensitive pets. Exposure to certain chemicals used for pest control can have negative effects on your pet’s health (possibly lethal).

Fortunately, there are new age pest control methods like Cryonite. Cryonite is chemical-free, easy to use, and does not pose any risks to animals after it has treated the area.

Learn more about pet-friendly pest control methods and why they are important for your pet’s health below. 

Traditional Pest Control Methods Are Dangerous For Pets

Traditional pest control methods can be incredibly harmful to your pets. Animals like dogs and cats use their noses to sniff just about everything.

Inhaling toxins can cause harmful reactions. Digesting them can be even worse. Your pet is at risk of coming in contact with these chemicals in many ways after a treatment. Furthermore, they may not show noticeable symptoms of chemical poisoning until weeks after they have been exposed.

Though non-toxic pest control methods like Cryonite should never be sprayed directly on a pet, it will pose no risk to your pets if they sniff it or eat something that has been sprayed by it.

Before purchasing a chemically-laden pest control product or contact a traditional pest control company, ensure that you consider the potentially harmful effects that it can have on your pets.  

How Pets Can Attract Pests

As a pet owner, you not only have to worry about pests in and around your home, but you should also be wary of pests that your animal can attract.

Pet food and water sitting out can pull in pests like roaches, bed bugs, ticks, and fleas. Your pet’s bedding, toys, as well as their propensity to come in and outside regularly are other pest attractors. So having a way to combat these potential infestations is critical.

Best Pet-Friendly Pest Control Options

Use Cryonite without the worry of chemicals harming your pets. It is so safe you can even spray your dog or cat’s food bowl and allow them to eat it. It is completely chemical-free!

Not only is eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and chemical-free pest control the future, it is the present. By taking the necessary steps to prevent pest infestations as well as using Cryonite (if your home has been infested), you can create a safer environment for your pets as well as yourself.

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