The Cockroach Lifecycle

The cockroach lifecycle is comprised of three developmental stages: the egg, nymph and adult. It is important to know what the pests look like in each of these phases so you can identify the cockroaches and be proactive with a pest control plan.

Even though cockroaches don’t bite or harm humans on contact, an infestation can pose a health threat to everyone in the building. These pests multiply quickly and can take over a building – spreading germs around and scaring the customers. A few cockroaches might seem harmless, but don’t underestimate how quickly a female lays cockroach eggs… which leads to an infestation. 

Cockroach Eggs

One female German cockroach carries an egg case with as many as 50 eggs at a time. These small, leathery capsules are often laid in pantries, bathrooms, and under appliances, or glued to walls and furniture. The incubation period is between 24 to 38 days. When these eggs hatch, it creates a domino effect of more and more adults laying countless cockroach eggs over time. It is estimated that a German cockroach and her young can produce 300,000+ cockroaches in one year.


After the cockroach eggs hatch, the nymph phase is next. The insects go through multiple molts, shedding their skins each time they grow a little more. When the old shells are released, the nymphs have white, soft bodies. Over time, the shells harden and change to a tan, brown, or gray color. This phase lasts between one to three months before the cockroach reaches the final molt, resulting in the full adult size and color. Watch for cast-off shells around the building, which is a good indication of a cockroach problem.

Adult Stage

When the final molt is complete and the cockroach reaches the adult stage, the reproduction cycle starts again. Cockroaches have relatively long lifespans, which means that they can produce new egg cases over and over again. 

A Cockroach Infestation Will Quickly Grow

If you see a few cockroaches, then know that you need to treat the problem immediately. The truth is that you only see a small percentage of cockroaches. There are likely hundreds or even thousands of pests hiding in the cracks and crevices of the building.

There’s no question that cockroaches can be a huge problem if not identified and treated immediately. A fast response is so important in preventing a full infestation. Delaying pest control treatments means that you will face ongoing problems as these disease-carrying insects spread germs throughout the building. Additionally, the feces, saliva, and cast skins can lead to other health problems, such as allergies and food poisoning. Cockroaches secrete a substance that stains surfaces and destroys paper and fabric products. They also leave behind stinky odors that affect indoor air.

Cryonite Combats Roaches

Watch for cockroaches at all stages: cockroach eggs, nymphs, and adults. If you see a cockroach at any stage, it is essential to treat the building as soon as possible. Some pest control methods provide immediate relief, but the insects can build up a resistance and come back again.

Cryonite is a safe and effective pest control solution that can eliminate cockroaches and other pests. This system uses proven technology to treat roaches without them building up a resistance. Using a non-toxic, non-pesticide pest control treatment protects the health of both customers and employees. It is a discrete pest control system that enables you to stay in business while getting rid of the cockroaches quickly and easily. Learn more about how your business can benefit from the use of a Cryonite system.

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