As a pest control professional, you will encounter sensitive accounts that require the utmost discretion. In these cases, various factors may require limitations or complete exclusion of the use of pesticide applications.

Finding an alternative solution is often difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. However, one various alternative that is beneficial to have on hand is The Cryonite Machine

The Professional Treatment Challenge

A variety of factors can make it challenging to provide pest control solutions. For example, a business can’t fully shut down, expensive furniture/material is present, or food exposure may lead to contamination.

While beneficial, pesticides are toxicants and require caution during use, especially when sensitive elements are present. In these cases, Pest Professionals must find alternatives to residual treatments in these cases, and Cryonite is one such alternative. 

The Cryonite Machine and Method for Sensitive Accounts

The Cryonite Machine can reduce the amount and type of insecticide treatments necessary to control troublesome pests through cold technology. There is little risk to people and pets, so they typically need not vacate treatment areas during Cryonite applications. 

Along with it being non-pesticidal, Cryonite also does not leave any residual residues.  The non-residual nature allows the use of Cryonite in sensitive areas where residual insecticide treatments may not be prudent. These areas often include schools, daycares, many areas of hospitals, assisted living/nursing care facilities, food processing areas, pharmaceutical areas, pet stores, and zoos.

Cold Technology

As the name implies, cold technology converts liquid carbon dioxide into particles of dry ice that resemble snow. The cold (-78 degrees Fahrenheit) freezes pests on contact. The CO2 snow is a mixture of a variety of particles in ratios to provide the optimum lethal effect upon contact with target pests.

A Patented Nozzle

The application effectiveness is possible through a patented nozzle design at the tip of the Cryonite lance. The nozzle converts the liquid carbon dioxide at the place of application to reduce excess application.

Why is it so effective? 

The design of the nozzle caters to the tight areas that pests live and hide. So you can get into cracks, gaps in flooring and wallboards, under equipment like heaters, stoves, and refrigerators, etc. This feature makes it extremely difficult for unwanted critters to hide.

Effective Treatment

Cryonite is especially effective against smaller insects more vulnerable to freezing. Most often,  pest professionals use Cryonite to control bed bugs, stored product pests, and cockroaches.

However, Cryonite also works effectively against other pests, including web-building spiders. fly larvae in drains, mites found in buildings, and wasp nests.

Friendly to the Environment

Another huge benefit of using cold technology is that it is environmentally neutral in terms of impact on the environment. The carbon dioxide is recycled from industrial processes which means no new carbon dioxide is created. Cryonite is non-toxic and non-allergenic making it a valuable component of any Integrated Pest Management or Green Pest Management Program.

Satisfied Cryonite Customers 

While we can explain how Cryonite works, our satisfied customers say speak for themselves.

“We have been using the Cryonite System for over 6 years with great results … as a standalone treatment or with other methods. I like that Cryonite can be used almost anywhere without any adverse effects. Cryonite has become a very valuable tool in all of our bedbug treatments.” – Bryan Weiss, Owner, Terminators Pest Control LLC

“We have been using the Cryonite system now for almost a year … use it along with our Bed Bug service program as well with Commercial applications for roaches. We are just amazed with it.” Justin Buckmaster, Marketing Director, Mother Nature’s Pest Control 

Cryonite is a versatile solution for even your most sensitive accounts if you are looking to upgrade your pest control. For more information, please contact us today!

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