Pest Control For Food Processors

Cryonite® For Food Processors

Food service businesses like food processing plants, food storage facilities, and even restaurants are at risk of facing a pest infestation, despite best prevention efforts including: blocking entry points, closing windows and doors, sealing all food sources, and cleaning on a regular basis. If an infestation does occur, any pest control method that involves chemicals is simply out of the question, as these toxins could put employees’ health at risk and potentially cause a full shutdown to business operations. Cryonite is a safe and non-toxic way to address pest problems, specifically stored product pests. This solution leaves behind no residue, using liquid carbon dioxide to freeze and kill bugs in their tracks. Due to the lack of chemicals, these pests are also unable to build up a resistance. 

Treating Food Processing Plants With Cryonite

The advantages of using Cryonite’s CO2 snow to eradicate pests in food processing plants, food storage facilities, restaurants, and more include:

  1. The solution does not require a special license to use. 
  2. Cryonite loosens up encrusted debris, including free eggs and larvae.  
  3. Food facilities treated with Cryonite can be re-occupied as soon as treatment is completed.
  4. This solution is safe to use on electronics, outlets, and food prep surfaces. 
  5. The non-toxic formula is safe to use in sensitive environments.
  6. Cryonite is flexible and extendable, making it easy to reach nearly all areas. 
  7. It is a valuable tool in any IPM or Green Pest Management program.

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