OK, time for a pop quiz. Hands up, who can tell us where bed bugs live. Who said, in beds?

Wrong! Well, right and wrong. As their name suggests, bed bugs love nothing more than snuggling down between the sheets and feasting on what they can find. But there are some seriously unusual places to look for bed bugs that you need to be aware of!

Read on to learn about some unexpected places to look for bed bugs.

Places to Look for Bed Bugs At Home

If you’ve noticed small, itchy, red bites on your skin, they may be bed bug bites. Although they don’t spread disease, bed bug bites are itchy and can get infected if you scratch them.

Once you see signs of bed bugs, the hunt will begin. Usually, that starts with a thorough inspection of your sleeping area. Blankets, mattresses, pillows – they’re all the first places to look for bed bugs.

The problem is that when people find them, they sometimes stop looking. Finding bed bugs in your sleeping area is a start, but you’ll want to also check for them in a few less obvious places.


Bed bugs are partial to soft furnishings. Anything with a seam is fair game – these pests can get through the tiniest of entry points. Check in the folds of curtains, sofas, upholstered headboards, and chairs.

It’s not just soft furnishings that you need to check. Dressers, drawers, wardrobes – these places are all at risk for bed bug infestations!

Purses and Bags

Bed bugs don’t mind going for a ride, although they’re probably the last ones to know it. If you keep your purse or bag on the floor, these pests may hop on board.

Electrical Appliances

This is a strange one, as it seems that electronics would be an inhospitable environment for bed bugs. Although there is no food, they might choose electrical appliances for warmth and seclusion. 

When bed bugs do choose to hide in electrical appliances, they will often choose the ones closest to you: think televisions in bedrooms, laptops stored by the side of the bed, or even electrical outlets.


Even our reading material isn’t safe from bed bugs, as they can hide in the spines of books and even lay their eggs there. If you keep a book on your nightstand, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from your bed.

Be especially careful with library books. Bed bugs hiding in books can move from one home to another very easily this way. 

Other Places to Look for Bed Bugs

The home is not the only place you need to be bed bug conscious. Lots of public places – even ones that seem clean, can harbor these little pests.

Movie Theatres

Movie theatres are not just a great place for finding the latest releases. They can also be a great place for finding bed bugs.

If bed bugs are present in movie theatres, this is because people unwittingly brought the bugs with them. Once the bugs have made their way to the theatre, they can jump from their hosts and take up residence in the soft furnishings.


The bed bug equation? People + soft furnishings = bed bugs!

Sadly, these shared transit solutions can also become centers for bed bug infestations. Of course, bus companies and taxi/Uber operators are careful about the cleanliness of their vehicles.

However, just like with movie theatres, infestations can still happen, although less common than in private homes. Heightened bed bug vigilance is never a bad thing.


Libraries are another place bed bugs can congregate, as mentioned previously.

Someone checks out a book and leaves it by their bed, not realizing they’ve got a bed bug infestation. The bed bugs enter at night, and either take up residence in the spine or lay eggs.

Either way, the book gets returned along with an additional gift. From there, these pests can easily spread to other books and into your home.

Retail Stores

Retail stores are also not safe from infestations of bed bugs. And it’s not just stores that sell furniture or clothing.

Even Apple’s Fifth Avenue store had an outbreak back in 2019. Staff lockers were the source, showing how easy it is to bring them in from home.

Healthcare Facilities

We rely on our healthcare facilities to be clean and pest-free. But with so many people coming and going, and bringing belongings from home, bed bugs are always a risk here as well.

What You Can Do

It may be almost impossible to completely avoid bed bugs in public. But there are a few simple precautions you can take to reduce your risk of an infestation.

  • Thoroughly check second-hand furniture before bringing it home
  • Vacuum your home regularly
  • Avoid clutter on the floor where bed bugs can gather
  • Put a protective cover on your mattress/box springs

If this fails, it’s time to seek out a pest control method that works.

Why Cryonite Works for Hidden Bed Bugs

Cryonite is a solution for bed bugs that is like no other. 

Cryonite is “the chill that kills,” as it uses liquid carbon dioxide to freeze bed bugs on contact, killing them instantly. No chemicals are involved, so pests cannot become resistant to it.

The Cryonite treatment also flushes insects out. Any insects that are not killed immediately can simply be vacuumed up. 

Cryonite leaves no residue behind. It’s safe to use around electronics and needs very little preparation. It can be used in all of the hiding places we have mentioned above and many more!

This makes it perfect for commercial, office, retail, hospitality, and healthcare settings. There is no need to shut down facilities for hours or days, as with other treatments. You can stay open, and simply cordon off the treatment area.

Cryonite takes very little time. It’s back to business as usual very quickly with one major difference: Your bed bug problem will be over!

Cryonite: Your Bed Bug Solution

Now that you know the places to look for bed bugs, you’re ready to eliminate them. Don’t waste time and money using chemicals and heat treatments. These solutions take time and can have lots of nasty after-effects.

Choose Cryonite: your quick, safe, and effective solution. More pest control companies are experiencing the benefits of using the Cryonite system. Check out our testimonials to hear from our many satisfied customers.

Contact us today to see how a Cryonite system can beef up your pest control service.

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