As the economy faces challenges with pandemic shutdowns, are you looking for ways to get ahead?  This downtime can be the perfect opportunity to get caught up on all the small, yet essential, tasks that often fall to your to-do list. Here are a few things you can accomplish to get your pest management practices in a better position when everything opens back up again.

Pest Proof Your Building

Where are the entry points that pests are using to get inside? Small repairs and proactive strategies are essential for protecting your property from pest infestation:

  • Seal all entryways into the building. Check potential entry points around the windows, doors, and foundation.
  • Store items like food and water in closed containers. Cutting off the food and water supply will decrease the likelihood of the pests returning.
  • Dispose of trash regularly. Even if your building capacity is lower than usual, be proactive in disposing of the garbage. The garbage can is often a source of food for unwanted critters.
  • Perform routine cleaning. You need to be proactive with cleaning strategies for health and safety, but regular cleaning also keeps the pests away.
  • Eliminate areas pests could potentially hide. Where are the cluttered areas in the building? These nooks and crannies could be great nesting places.

Create a Pest Control Plan That Works for Your Business 

You must design an effective pest control management plan for the future. Even if you aren’t experiencing pest issues right now, you never know when to act fast to get ahead of an insect or rodent problem.

For many business owners, their daily responsibilities are different right now because of the shutdowns. This downtime is an opportunity to focus on designing a pest control plan covering any potential issues you might encounter. Use this time to research and educate yourself on the most effective and affordable pest control methods.

Benefits of Cryonite for Pest Control

At Cryonite, we are proud to offer a safe pest control system that you can use in various business spaces. As you create the best control plan, learn more about how we are disrupting the pest control industry with a non-toxic, DIY approach for business owners. Here are a few things that make our system unique:

  • Chemical Free: Have you considered the potential health concerns of standard pest control treatments? When you treat the building and foundations with chemicals, it could have serious health consequences for employees and customers. Our carbon dioxide formula is non-allergic and non-toxic, making it a valuable component in any IPM or Green Pest Management Program.

  • Manage Your Pest Control: A single purchase of the Cryonite machine will cover you for future infestations. Consider the amount of money you will spend over the years on pest control subscriptions. The costs can add up if you require ongoing services from a local company. Use this money to invest in one purchase, giving you ongoing pest control management.

  • Avoid Full Shutdowns: One of the drawbacks of traditional pest control is that the entire building must be shut down during the chemicals’ application. On the other hand, Cryonite does not require you to have complete closures to treat pests. If you are experiencing lower capacity volumes than average, then partial treatments are especially beneficial—giving you the ability to manage unoccupied rooms. 

Train and Educate Your Staff

Another way you can use this downtime is by educating your staff on how to identify and respond to pests. When your team is knowledgeable about the signs of pest infestations, they are proactive in getting ahead of the issue before it leads to a full outbreak. Then, train your staff to use pest control equipment to solve the problem when pests pop up.

Anyone can learn to use Cryonite! If you want to learn more, then our team at Cryonite is here to help. Contact us to see how you can optimize this downtime to improve your pest control strategies.

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