There are more bugs than people worldwide, but their numbers will grow even faster thanks to civilization. Humans need food to survive, but more crops also means more bugs!

Technology is ready to meet the demands for pest control. New technology offers innovative ways to handle (and even prevent) pest infestations. Here are some emerging pest control trends to anticipate in the future.

AI Plus IoT for Smarter Pest Control

Residential homes aren’t the only ones to benefit from smarter technology; agriculture also sees improvements to pest management from the tech sector. New developments in pest control make it easier for farmers to keep pest populations under control.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) partners with the Internet of Things (IoT) to become a powerful force in the pest control industry. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download and install the app on your smartphone
  2. Snap a photo of a pest
  3. Upload the picture into the app
  4. The app identifies the critter
  5. The app also suggests a pest control solution

The new AI-based solution helps save crops, prevents losses, and keeps farms in business.

Using the app helps out other farmers, too—each photo improves the database and machine learning abilities.

This technology is already available in Brazil, North Africa, and India.

Urban Pest Inflation and Digital Traps

Humans populate urban areas at even faster rates and for much longer durations. Humans live longer, healthier lives and live closer in proximity to each other than ever before. So many humans in tight areas also means more pests.

Humans produce a lot of waste that pests love to eat. Trash bins, street trash, and landfills are all sources of nutrition for local, annoying pests. Tiny pests may feast on human excrement, hair follicles, skin scales, or blood.

Urban pests routinely dine on urban feasts while reproducing at ridiculous rates. Cockroaches, flies, and rats all thrive in urban settings.

City officials are pressuring pest control professionals to devise new pest management solutions that are stronger, more effective, and safer. One pest control measure is the digital rat trap.

Digital traps replace the standard analog rat trap and rat poison. Analog traps require someone to reset the rat trap and remove the trapped pest. Rat poison is dangerous and outlawed in some jurisdictions. Digital rat traps are safer and non-toxic.

Digital traps work above-ground and in sewer systems. They can be set up in batches across the city and are best in places where pests love to congregate. Operating these digital traps takes a few button presses, making them easy to use.

Increasing Commercial Demand: Hospitals, Offices, Schools

Commercial facilities will require the help of local pest control services. Routine pest management keeps facilities clean, safe, and compliant with the law. Pest control companies contribute to the health of patients, students, staff, and the environment.

Commercial facilities frown upon chemical pesticides, preferring something safer for their areas. Most commercial facilities will lean away from chemical pest treatments.

Commercial entities want to deal with pest problems swiftly and safely so they can get back to work faster. The businesses will lose less money with less downtime, staff will continue to get paychecks, patients will get quality service, and students will learn in a safe, clean environment.

These places will always need some form of pest control, so expect continued growth in this pest control sector.

Insect Infestations Will Require the Most Treatment

Tiny pests (insects) are the biggest threat to every type of space in the future.

  • Insects are small in size, making them hard to detect until it’s too late
  • They reproduce very quickly
  • These pests can survive on just about anything
  • Many develop resistance to pesticides

Humans help insect populations grow with poor hygiene habits—they eat excrement, hair follicles, skin scales, and rotten foods.

Insects can live in basements, attics, bathrooms, kitchens, and trash cans. They can even exist in dark, untouched areas such as under newspapers or boxes.

Pests carry terrible diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, or bacterial infections, which in turn, can contribute to diarrhea.

Unfortunately, few natural predators can combat the insects due to human intervention. It would be nice to have bats and birds to help manage these insects, but most people don’t want many bats in residential zones, leaving insects free to run amok.

Non-Toxic Pest Control

Chemical pest control treatments have long been the trend in history, but no longer. Chemical pesticides are under scrutiny for causing health problems, ruining the environment, and producing “superbugs.”

People and companies are now moving toward sustainable alternatives in all areas of life, including pest control. Commercial, urban, farm, and residential entities want safer alternatives that work without harming the environment.

Cryonite is perfect for green pest control—it’s safe to use around the living and is easy on the environment. Professional exterminators can use Cryonite in schools, hospitals, offices, and public spaces without harming living entities.

Cryonite as the Primary Pest Control Solution

When it comes to pest management systems, entities will need to do a lot of work to figure out the type of pest, the solution, how to pay for it, and then implement it. No matter the case, Cryonite can fit every situation.

Cryonite for Urban Pests

Humans bring pests into every urban settlement. Pests quickly breed in every corner of urban areas and regularly feast on trash or human debris. Cryonite eradicates city pests without harming humans, children, pets, or plants.

Cryonite for Commercial Facilities

Facilities need to be safe and clean to stay in operation. Patients and students are top priorities in these locations. Cryonite exterminates pests, is safe for people, and does not require a building shutdown.

Cryonite for Insect Infestations

Insect pest populations will grow even further to become the number one source of infestation. Cryonite can safely handle even the largest population of insect pests in any environment.

Upcoming Pest Control Trends

Pests will never go away, but we can control the population through various measures. New pest control trends emerge as technology advances, offering more ways to deal with timeless threats. These methods of pest control are fast becoming mainstream for pest management.

One of the best ways to rid your place of pests is through Cryonite. It’s safe for the environment, humans, children, pets, and plants. Cryonite can handle any variation of the pest population with one single type of treatment. Click here to shop for your Cryonite model now.

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