Product pests and cockroaches are keen on the smell of food and will march determinedly toward it to appease their instinctual hunger. This means these critters can wreak widespread devastation at other food-focused locations.

Sanitary facilities such as food processing and manufacturing plants, food warehouses and distribution centers, grocery stores, and food retailers are all vulnerable settings for pest infestation. None of us want to see a cockroach wandering the produce aisles and in the bigger picture, a pest-free environment is crucial to keep food manufacturing processes up and running.

A plague of pests can spread rampant disease and bacteria including Listeria and Salmonella from raw ingredient areas to dining rooms and other ready-to-eat settings. 

Is there a defense against these pest problems?

A Brief History of Pest Management

Non-toxic pest management has been used in agriculture for roughly 40 years. Although, in the past two decades, it has emerged as a go-to solution in commercial buildings, schools, and an array of private facilities. The key here is non-toxic, which is attractive and often required for many public institutions. Vacuuming, trapping and other techniques can sometimes be successful, but also command a great deal of time and labor. What we need is a reliable defensive weapon that allows immediate and effective response.

Enter Cryonite

When you use Cryonite for your pest control needs, you can kill pests quickly, safely, and effectively.  The patented carbon dioxide snow freezes pests instantly. Cryonite is a Swedish-inspired technology with versatile application prowess and the ability to kill most any smaller-sized pests; an enormously beneficial and welcome tool for food production environments.

One of the most appealing aspects of Cryonite is fast response and stopping power. In the world of pests, it all comes down to timing if you hope to mount an effective battle plan. Keep in mind that if you spot even one cockroach or spider or creepy beetle, it is almost a guarantee there are lots more nearby. Making matters worse are speedy reproduction rates that multiply these pests’ numbers by the thousands.

Now you don’t have to wait for the local pest control tech to arrive; you have the power to fight back, clear the enemy, and avoid a shutdown of your food processing site. Small infestations are no match for Cryonite’s salvos. Even larger-scale pest infestations can be kept at bay until a pest control team can lend a hand.

How Does it Work?

Cryonite is a simple, yet a highly engineered concept. The Cryonite machine includes a deployment device, resembling a lance, which is tipped with a unique nozzle that converts liquid carbon dioxide into particles of dry ice. The lance sprays -110-degree F dry ice to kills insects on contact with their exoskeleton. The dry ice instantly sucks heat from the critter, freezing it to death on the spot.

Benefits of Using Cryonite

Cost is one of the biggest concerns of controlling a pest infestation. Hiring a service team comes with a hefty price tag. Whereas with Cryonite you can eliminate bugs and big bills at the same time. Subsequently, offering a cost-effective method to manage pests and keep your focus on the job at hand.

Additionally, Cryonite can be applied to almost any surface including equipment and electronics. In food processing areas, Cryonite combined with vacuuming is especially effective and averts the need to shut down and vacate an entire area. Best of all, you can resume normal operations with no delay in “curing time.”

Arm yourself with a safe and powerful pest deterrent. Contact Cryonite today.

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