Pest infestations are the worst nightmare of any hotel owner. No one wants to put a pause on business and cancel reservations as a result of a few pesky critters.

Of course, the safety of hotel guests and staff should always be your first priority. But, what if you could keep everyone safe without suspending day-to-day operations? 

Fortunately, you can. With Cryonite’s freeze system, you can take care of an infestation with limited downtime and disruption to your business. 

Keep reading, and we’ll tell you how to treat a hotel room with limited downtime, using this convenient and efficient pest treatment. 

Common Hotel Room Pests

Every hotel owner should be familiar with the most common hotel room pests. Three of the most common hotel room pests include German Cockroaches, bed bugs, and fleas. 

German roaches are the most common form of cockroach. If you live in a city in the United States and see cockroaches out and about, there’s a high probability that these are German roaches. 

You’re more likely to spot German roaches in hotel rooms in major cities and warm climates, but these pests can show up anywhere.

Bed bugs are another common pest that you might see in hotel rooms. Bed bugs can be found worldwide, though, similar to German roaches, are also more likely to thrive in warm climates. 

The third most common hotel room pest: fleas. Fleas are more likely to show up in hotel rooms where sanitation is less than optimal. Fleas are often carried into hotel rooms on the backs of rats and other rodents. 

If you notice any of these pests present in your hotel, you may need to create a more in-depth sanitation plan to combat said pests. However, the good news is that most hotel room pests can be easily removed, especially if you spot them early on. 

How to Spot German Roaches

A cockroach infestation is easy to spot. Even if you don’t see any cockroaches, you may be able to smell them. 

The smell of a cockroach infestation is musty, oily, and even somewhat sweet. This is the smell of the pheromones that cockroaches use to communicate with each other. 

Since cockroaches are typically nocturnal, a cockroach appearing during the day could be a sign of an advanced infestation. 

Cockroaches prefer warm hiding spots. When you search for these pests, you should check any area that is dark, warm, and humid. 

As soon as you spot any sign of a roach infestation, call pest control services. Cockroaches are infamously resilient and can multiply quickly.

How to Spot Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs are some of the most obnoxious pests that you can find in your hotel room. They breed quickly and are very hard to spot with the naked eye. 

However, there are a few telltale signs of a bed bug infestation. If you see small circles of blood on the bedsheets in your hotel room, you most likely have a bed bug infestation.

Of course, if guests complain of itchy bites, that’s another reason to look into bed bug treatments and treat a hotel room.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a bed bug problem and a flea problem, but they can both be handled with Cryonite freeze technology.

How Pests Harm Hotels

All travelers should protect themselves against bed bugs and other pests while staying in hotels. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to control the spread of hitchhiking pests.

If even one guest brings bed bugs into your hotel, the resulting infestation can be huge. That’s why the sooner you spot an infestation, the better.

Extermination costs can be high, but the biggest potential detriment to your hotel is loss of business. You may have to close your hotel in order to deal with a pest problem, which means you will sacrifice profit.

Additionally, you may get a bad reputation if word gets out about your infestation. No one wants to stay in a hotel that’s rumored to have bed bugs.

To Close Or Not to Close?

With that in mind, you might be asking yourself, “Is there any way to avoid closing my hotel for pest removal?” 

Closing your hotel comes with vast repercussions: monetary loss, bad reviews, and potential loss of future business. 

Any time that you can avoid closing your hotel, you should. 

How to Treat a Hotel Room With Cryonite

Luckily, we have a pest control solution that will allow you to handle an infestation without closing your doors. With the Cryonite freeze system, you can eliminate most pests quickly and effectively. 

Our freezing system can be used in any room and on any surface, killing bugs in their tracks. Pests cannot build up a resistance to such treatments since no chemicals are involved. This non-toxic treatment means there’s no need to fumigate or evacuate the premises. 

Because this system is so fast-acting and non-toxic, you can handle an infestation without disrupting your business. 

When you use the Cryonite freeze system, your customers can enjoy their stay without being bothered by pests or exterminators. 

Get Rid of Pests Quickly and Quietly

As soon as you spot any signs of a pest problem in your hotel room, you should contact pest control experts. The sooner an infestation is spotted and dealt with, the easier the process will be. 

The Cryonite freeze system provides fast results, safe and environmentally friendly application, and most importantly, you don’t have to suspend business operations. 

Don’t let your hotel take a hit due to pests! 

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