Healthcare facilities, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, emergency medical centers, rehabilitation centers, and even ambulances must meet the highest level of sanitation. This is especially true due to the population they must care for on a day to day basis.

Pests pose an immediate threat to healthcare facilities because of their ability to spread bacteria and diseases. This violates health codes and puts patients at risk. It is crucial for facility managers to be prepared to effectively fight an infestation.

High-Risk Pests for Health Care Facilities


German Cockroach in hospital
German Cockroach

Cockroaches have a resilient nature with the ability to breed quickly in a variety of environments. Cockroaches are one of the worst pests to find in a healthcare facility because they have the ability to spread bacteria, cause allergic reactions, and even trigger asthma attacks.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs in hospital
Bed Bugs

Because bed bugs are so small, they are difficult to observe. All too often, managers don’t realize that they have an infestation until patients begin to show symptoms of bed bug bites – this may include itchy and painful bites.

Bed bugs are commonly found in beds, baseboards, furniture, and small, warm spaces. This makes certain healthcare facilities the perfect breeding ground for bed bugs that have the ability to reproduce at a rapid pace.

Stored Product Pests

Foreign grain beetle
Foreign Grain Beetle

Facilities that store grains and dried goods are at risk of being affected by stored product pests. These pests can move and spread through product quickly. This violates health codes and putting the facility at risk of costly downtime. There are a variety of product pests, including beetles, moths, and mites.

Risks of Pests in a Health Care Facility

If a healthcare facility suffers a pest infestation, they are sure to feel the negative effects. Most importantly, the patients in the facility could become ill due to bacteria being spread. Additionally, infestations can also cause major financial damage. They put the company reputation at risk and cause major downtime.

Treating the Problem with Cryonite

Investing in pest prevention is necessary to stop the problem before it starts.

Cryonite is a tool that kills pests quickly, safely, and effectively. The patented carbon dioxide snow freezes pests instantly.

With Cryonite, you can respond immediately to any sign of a pest infestation. Due to the rapid speeds that pests spread this can prevent a large-scale pest infestation before it begins.

Cryonite is ideal for healthcare facilities because anyone can use a Cryonite machine, no license required. This saves money and time and allows the facility to handle the pest infestation internally.

Our formula is safe and effective. When dealing with a population with certain health conditions it is important to consider any pesticides you may be introducing them to. Cryonite uses no pesticides allowing treatments to be made to single rooms or areas with having a major shut down.

Ready to protect your facility with Cryonite?

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