You might first catch sight of one out of the corner of your eye. Then other tell-tale signs begin to emerge. If you don’t act fast, you know you’re going to have a full-blown cockroach infestation on your hands.

No home or business owner ever wants to see German roaches on their property. But thankfully, Cryonite is now a great new option for handling this particular headache.

Let’s take a look at the signs of cockroaches infesting your property and exactly how Cryonite can take care of them. 

Signs of Cockroaches

The signs that you have an infestation of cockroaches don’t always begin with a sighting. We’re focusing here on German roaches, which are particularly fond of the great indoors. They are also the species most likely to set up camp in hidden parts of your home or office.

Unpleasant Odor

As you’d expect, the smell of an infestation of cockroaches is not great. German roaches produce an oily, musty smell that is pungent and unpleasant. Dead roaches also give off a foul odor as they decompose. 

Streaks on the Walls

Check out the lower portions of walls, corners, and baseboards where you suspect cockroaches might be passing. You may see brownish streaks. These are telltale signs that roaches have been there.

Cockroach Feces

German roaches go through a lot of food. Consequently, they produce a lot of poop. It’s not always the easiest thing to identify. It can look like flecks of black pepper on the floor.

If you have more roaches or larger ones, their droppings may look like coffee grounds or small, unevenly shaped pellets. You might need to get down on your needs and have a good look around.

Cockroaches tend to gather in out-of-the-way places. Have a look behind your refrigerator, under sinks, and in food cupboards. You’re more likely to see concentrate populations, or at least lots of poop, in those areas.

Egg Casings

German roaches have a special ability. Unlike other species, they can lay more eggs at a time. They lay them in a particular protective casing called oothecae, and they can lay 50 eggs at once. 

This is terrible news for your home, as cockroaches breed voraciously. On the flip side, it’s great for finding evidence of an infestation and pointing you in the right direction of where they’re staying.

Shed Skin

Another of the prevalent signs of cockroaches is seeing shed skins. Cockroaches molt a few times throughout their short lives. If they’ve been living in your property for any length of time, you’ll find their papery shed skins lying around at times.

Where to Find German Roaches

German roaches often hang out in tight, moist spots in kitchens. They are also attracted to other areas that provide warmth, moisture, and food.

They will infest bathrooms – inspect the plumbing under sinks and behind tubs and toilets. Laundry rooms can get infested as they love the warmth of the motors and the humid atmosphere.

Basements have lots of hidden nooks and crannies they will enjoy getting into. Drains are also a favorite place for them to hang out.

German roaches love to make your house their home. Once you’re sure that they’ve become non-paying guests, it’s time to get an exterminator in. But while traditional pest removal has its place, Cryonite gives you a non-toxic and fast solution to the problem.

How Cyronite Works

Put simply, Cryonite works by freezing the cockroaches to death. It does this by blasting them with liquid carbon dioxide. This freezes the cockroaches, making it possible to remove them quickly and efficiently.

Cryonite uses a natural substance – carbon dioxide – that leaves no residue and is non-toxic. It is also safe to use without having to close down a whole building. The carbon dioxide simply dissipates once it has done its job.

The process uses no toxic chemicals, giving you peace of mind. German cockroaches can take up residence in electrical equipment. Avoid direct contact, and Cryonite can even effectively flush them out without damaging the equipment.

If you work around food, Cryonite is also a safe option. Unlike other forms of pest control, Cryonite contains nothing that can damage food. 

Why Cryonite Is Effective for Cockroach Removal

A cockroach treatment with Cryonite begins with vacuuming up all the visible cockroaches. Then apply Cryonite to all the areas you know roaches could be lurking. Be prepared, as this may send them scuttling. 

Cockroaches can pass through seemingly impossibly tiny cracks. The jet nozzle design of the Cryonite system directs a jet of CO2 into these cracks and flushes them out. 

For larger voids, the jet nozzle will cover the area with carbon dioxide snow. This snow will encourage the cockroaches to come out, leaving you able to vacuum them up simply. Just don’t forget to empty the vacuum afterward.

You might need a few applications to make sure that all the pests have left the building. For complete cockroach removal, leave gel cockroach bait or another form of insecticide in the treated areas. This will help to mop up any survivors.

After the treatment, we will advise you on how to create an environment that is not cockroach-friendly. Take protective measures once the infestation is apparent. This will help to keep your property as roach-free as possible. 

Will Cryonite Work on Other Types of Cockroaches?

German cockroaches are smaller than the American and Asian cockroaches that are sometimes found in the United States. Because of their small size, Cryonite can kill them on contact. German cockroaches also tend to stay within 12 feet of their harborages, making it easier to track them down.

An initial treatment probably won’t kill larger cockroaches. However, if you spray them or cracks they’re living in, it will chase them out and knock them down. That means that you will be able to vacuum them up as they flee once the treatment is underway.

Freeze Those German Roaches Out For Good!

German roaches are sure a pain to be around. Not only that, they’re creepy and introduce disease. If you’re looking for a treatment that doesn’t need to close the whole place down and gets the job done fast, Cryonite is the way to go.

Learn more about purchasing the Cryonite system and checking out customer testimonials to see how successful it is.

To get the best out of Cryonite, read our User Manual. Our step-by-step guides will take you through every part of the process, so you can safely remove the little pests once and for all.

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