Whether someone is staying in a hotel for business or pleasure, their stay should be a comfortable and enjoyable one. But no matter how hard you try to accommodate your guests, a bed bug infestation could ruin their stay and your reputation.

It’s a very real fear among Americans, as the National Pest Management Association stated that 80% of Americans had concerns about finding bed bugs in their hotel rooms.

The Trouble with Bed Bugs

If you notice a cockroach or other type of bug in your hotel, you can act quickly to eliminate the colony. But bed bugs aren’t like most pests. They are small bugs that multiply rapidly. Even worse, they can survive for long periods without feeding. In fact, research shows that an adult bed bug could live as many as 550 days without a human host. Taking away the food source isn’t enough to get rid of the pests.

The small size of bed bugs makes it hard to identify them until someone makes a complaint. Because they live under mattresses, in loose wallpaper, and behind outlet covers, they are difficult to notice. Your first sign of bed bugs could be an irate complaint from a hotel guest.

Once you have one issue with bed bugs, there are likely to be more. In one year, bed bugs can produce as many as four generations. Their ideal reproduction temperature is between 70 and 82 degrees, making a hotel room the ideal breeding grounds.

bed bugs in hotel bed sheet

How Can You Stop an Infestation?

There are several ways in which you can stop a bed bug infestation. But those methods take time, and that time means your business suffers. 

One of the most common methods of eliminating bed bugs is extermination. However, extermination is not immediate. It takes time to schedule the extermination and the chemical odors mean guests cannot stay in the affected room until it’s safe. There are more than 300 products registered with the EPA for killing bed bugs. However, bed bugs have developed a resistance to some of those products. 

The treatment requires every seam of mattress and piece of upholstered furniture to be closely inspected. If there are any cracks in the wall, they need to be sealed. Doing the job properly takes time and this puts your hotel at risk.

The best way to keep bed bugs away is to prevent them. For instance, sealed mattress covers make it impossible for bed bugs to survive. But prevention doesn’t help you if you already have a bed bug problem.

An Effective Bed Bug Treatment

There’s an effective bed bug treatment that rapidly eliminates pests and won’t keep your business with its doors closed. Cryonite is a chemical-free solution that immediately takes action against bed bugs. Because there are no chemicals, you don’t need to work with a licensed pest control operator. Instead, you and your employees can be trained in using it. At the first sign of an infestation, you’ll be able to start treatment.

In several ways, Cryonite saves you money. It prevents guests from filing lawsuits for their bed bug encounters. Additionally, the speed of the treatment means you don’t need to remain closed for an extended period. Your rooms will be ready for guests. 

Cryonite is a green solution that does not rely on any harmful chemicals. The bug eliminator relies on cold temperatures to kill the pests. As soon as you spray the bed bugs, they are frozen at 110 degrees. This kills them on contact. You could choose to work with a pest control provider to prevent future problems, but Cryonite works on the spot.

All of the benefits of using Cryonite make it an essential tool for hotel owners. When you react with Cryonite, you save time and money. Give us a call and learn more about treating bed bugs with a chemical-free alternative.

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