To keep your patients and staff safe, your facility must be pest-free. However, using pesticides or bug bombs isn’t an option for pest control in hospitals, long-term care facilities, or other healthcare facilities. The chemicals can pose a risk to your patient’s health and force you to shut down the parts of your facility that you are cleaning.

When treating pest infestations in sensitive environments, pest professionals must find alternatives. Cryonite is one alternative safe for use is Cryonite. So, what is Cryonite pest control, and how can it benefit hospitals and ambulances?

1. Safe to Use

Certain pest control products, such as pesticides, can present risks to your hospital staff and patients. Inhalation of these chemicals can cause serious side effects. While effective, this type of pest control is not adequate in a hospital environment.

Freezing pest control, also called Cryonite pest control, is a form of environmentally friendly pest control that poses no harm to you or your patients. It can even be used on electrical equipment, so long as it is not applied directly. It’s best to unplug any electrical devices before application.

If your hospital employs service animals, this non-toxic solution is perfect for pest control. They will not be exposed to any harmful chemicals if they smell or eat anything that has been affected. 

2. Cleaning Effects

Cryonite has many other benefits in addition to eliminating pests. It also has benefits for hospital sanitation, as it can clean areas where it is applied. The freezing temperatures loosen any soil and debris, which is especially helpful in ambulances. Once the area has been cleaned, vacuuming around the area will help eliminate any dead insects and debris left behind.

Cryonite can also be used to remove larva and eggs from drains. When applied to sinks or other drains, Cryonite loosens muck from inside the pipes, making them easier to clean afterward. 

Hospitals must be sterile and clean, and toxins from pesticides can endanger that cleanliness. Cryonite is the best way for you to keep your facilities clean and bug-free!

3. No Leftover Residue

Many pest control options leave residue behind, such as bug bombs and pesticides. These need to be cleaned after their use. Failing to clean the residue can pose risks to hospital staff and patients; the fumes created by the residue are toxic and dangerous.

However, Cryonite doesn’t leave any damaging residue behind. The only cleaning that needs to be done is the removal of dead insects and debris. After a simple vacuuming of the areas you clean, you’re back in business!

4. Flush Insects Out of Hiding

Some treatments fail to eliminate burrowing or hidden insects, as they can’t reach all of the spaces that pests can hide. 

The resulting CO2 after Cryonite evaporates forces insects to come out for air. The flushing effect makes them easier to kill and clean up. 

You may need to apply an additional round of Cryonite after removing insects from hiding. That way, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve taken care of any insects around your hospital. 

5. Easier than Using Heat

While heat can be an effective way to kill off bugs, it can be a challenging process. Heat-sensitive objects, such as certain electronics, need to be removed from the room before applying heat-based pest control methods. It can also take a substantial amount of time to complete.

Freezing pest control saves you time and effort, killing off insects without the need to remove equipment or individuals. It is also easy to train individuals to use the equipment for freezing pest control. If you have a localized infestation taking over portions of your hospital, then freezing pest control is the better method for you.

6. Reduces Risks of Insect-Related Illnesses

Bed bugs and other biting insects pose significant risks to your patients. They can transfer bloodborne illnesses between patients, as well as other harmful diseases. Additionally, they can cause anxiety and discomfort.

To keep your patients safe, you need to get rid of the bed bug infestation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Freezing pest control is a great solution to get rid of any pest in your facility.

7. Food Safe

Since freezing pest control is non-toxic, you can use it in areas that are highly prone to infestation, such as kitchens. Pesticides and bug bombs could infect your food with chemicals, but freezing pest control allows you to get rid of insects without harming your food products.

8. Limited Interruption

Many types of pest control need a complete shut down for treatment. In a hospital setting, shutting down areas can be risky for your patients. You need to be able to treat your patients without risking exposure to chemicals found in pesticides.

Freezing pest control allows you to keep your hospital rooms open, as they don’t pose a risk to the patients. You can continue serving the individuals in your care while exterminating pests at the same time!

Get a Handle on Pest Control in Hospitals

Insect infestations are a problem in hospitals, but pest control in hospitals isn’t always simple. With freezing pest control solutions, you can keep your hospital clean and infestation-free! Keep your staff and patients safe with freezing pest control today.

Is your health care facility suffering from a pest problem?

We’re here to help you protect your patients. Contact us with any questions or concerns about our freezing pest control products, and continue reading our blog for more helpful information today!

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