In the bakery business, a bug infestation spells disaster for your products, customers, and your peace of mind. From stored product pests that infest dried food goods (raw, processed, and packaged) to cockroaches, bugs in bakeries is a recipe for disaster.

Small insects like food-infesting beetles and moths are the most problematic types of pests in grain processing, baking, food processing, tobacco, and pet food manufacturing facilities.

Any type of business that houses dried, plant-based foods that are milled, processed, cooked, stored, and/or packed will likely experience issues with varying beetle/moth species (infrequently or regularly). This includes bakeries. The good news is that these pests are all highly susceptible to being killed using Cryonite freezing technology. Learn more about the benefits of deploying Cryonite technology to eradicate bugs in bakeries below. 

1. Immediate Response

Typically, when a bakery owner or employee spots a pest infestation, they cannot act immediately. The first step is to call a pest control company or try a self-administered treatment that may or may not work. With Cryonite, you do not have to waste time waiting on a third party to fit you in their schedule. You can respond to pest infestations immediately and effectively. Furthermore, there is no need to shut down your business (while losing valuable revenue) to have your business fumigated. Cryonite does not require downtime and can be used during or around normal business operating hours. 

2. No Certification Needed

Though Cryonite technology was difficult to develop, it is not hard to use. There is no license or certification required. This will enable you to easily train anyone on your staff to use a Cryonite machine without the worry of needing hours of training. Furthermore, business owners that use Cryonite to treat small to medium-sized infestations of product pests do not have to worry about the potential public relations nightmare of having a pest control truck in front of their business. It can be a huge turn-off for customers. This is especially true now since anyone can take a picture of your restaurant and post it on social media and review sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google, etc. 

3. Chemical Free

As we all know, food is sensitive to chemicals. Food contamination is one of the scariest parts of hiring a pest control company. As it can be dangerous to customers. In extreme cases, bakery owners are cautioned to get rid of (or remove) all of their inventory prior to pest control services arriving.

With Cryonite, you can keep the products that you have spent your hard-earned money on. It is safe for your food, customers, and employees. Additionally, when using Cryonite there is no “re-entry” period that causes a delay in re-opening. Cryonite is free of toxic chemicals. When used, the CO2 will simply sublimate into the surrounding atmosphere. There is absolutely no danger involved (even on finished food products like cakes and pies). Furthermore, Cryonite is an environmentally friendly option that will not make the air inside of your bakery unsafe and will not add to unsafe pollution levels in nature.   

4. Save Money

Traditional pest control methods can be very expensive. Not only does it cost a lot to have a pest control company come to your establishment, but the amount of lost revenue that your bakery can experience during a shutdown or as a result of potential customers seeing that you have a pest problem can be exorbitant. Using a Cryonite machine just once can save you the amount typically spent on a pest infestation. 

Choosing Cryonite to Protect Your Bakery

In the bakery industry, a pest infestation can lead to numerous health code violations and potentially shut your business down. It is important to quickly eliminate unwanted pests in a safe manner that saves you money, time, and headaches. Cryonite offers an easy to use, cost-effective, time-friendly solution to pest infestations.

Cryonite effectively destroys stored product pests like moths and beetles. Also, it works well for cockroach infestations and other types of small insects that can destroy inventory and potentially your entire business.

If you have experienced a pest infestation in the past or are currently dealing with one, do not subject your business to toxic chemicals and high prices from traditional pest control companies. Use Cryonite to safely and effectively rid your business of unwanted pests.

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