The Best Non-Toxic Freezing Machine For Sensitive Pest Environments

Any surface. Any equipment. Any business

Why Pest Control Professionals Add Cryonite To Their Arsenal

No material or location is too sensitive

Cryonite’s non-toxic technology can be used on any material, surface or equipment, including electrical equipment — making it ideal for the food industry, tech hardware, and schools

No residue or extra clean-up

Get in and get out. Cryonite’s hypoallergenic tech leaves no residues, odors, or fumes, maintaining a safe environment after application. This is perfect for time-sensitive businesses like hotels and hospitals.

No bug is too resistant

Insects, and especially bed bugs, are becoming increasingly resistant to traditional chemical treatments. Cryonite is thorough and effective without increasing resistance. 


 $5000 – $8500

Designed for pest control teams

No development of resistance. Kills insects immediately on contact.
Eliminates all life stages. This includes eggs and larvae.
Great for bed bugs. Also effective against other insects like mites and fleas.
Completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic and hygienic. No odors, fumes, or liquid residues.
Safe to use around electrical equipment and all surfaces. No staining.
No clean-up. No effect when in direct contact with beds, mattresses, linens, tabletops or TVs.
Complements existing solutions. Use Cryonite by itself or as a final pass to build custom solutions that fit your clients’ needs.

Cryonite Is Helping Pest Control Businesses Grow

I would like to let you know how much we love using your Cryonite machines. We started using them about 4 years ago and have increased our revenue each year since. The units themselves are easy to use and very effective in getting rid of Bedbugs. We have also used them to freeze out roaches from infested homes with great success. The machines are extremely durable as we use them almost every day of the week and have had no real problems with them. Calling and e-mailing your company has also been a pleasure as everyone who has responded has knowledge of the machines, are very pleasant to speak to, and respond quickly. I would absolutely recommend using these units and your company.

Nicholas Ferrante
General Manager, Excel Termite and Pest Control

We have been using the Cryonite System for over 6 years with great results, whether used as a standalone treatment or used in conjunction with other methods. I like the fact that Cryonite can be used almost anywhere and on many sensitive belongings without any adverse effects. Cryonite has become a very valuable tool in all of our bedbug treatments.

Bryan Weiss
Owner, Terminators Pest Control LLC

The Ideal Choice For Sensitive Environments

Hospitality & Food Industry

Food preparation areas can be treated while still in use, and hotel rooms can be flipped in minimal time.

Healthcare Facilities

In hospitals and rest homes, patient beds and rooms can be treated without needing to move, reducing client headaches and making jobs go faster.

Educational Institutions

Cryonite is chemical-free and hypoallergenic, meaning you treat schools without concern for fumigation.

How it works:

Dry ice (-78°C) is discharged by a patented nozzle at optimal particle size and stream velocity. The result is very low temperatures which effectively freeze the insect using carbon dioxide “snow.”

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