Cryonite for the Hotel Industry

Cryonite® For the Hotel Industry

Pest infestations are the worst nightmare of hotel management. The thought of putting day-to-day operations on hold in order to treat an infestation could lead to reservation cancellations and an abrupt pause to other business operations. But what if you could ensure the health and safety of hotel guests and employees while simultaneously eliminating your pest problem? Cryonite is a non-toxic, low-prep pest control solution. The method consists of spraying frozen liquid carbon dioxide to kill hotel pests and insects, including cockroaches, bed bugs, and more! Cryonite contains zero chemicals so pests will also not develop a resistance to the treatment.  

Treating Your Hotel With Cryonite

The advantages of using Cryonite’s CO2 snow to eradicate pests in hotel rooms, kitchen facilities, and other public areas include:

  1. The solution does not require a special license to use. 
  2. Hygiene/housekeeping staff can train to use the Cryonite system as a first line of defense.  
  3. Rooms treated with Cryonite can be re-occupied as soon as treatment is completed.
  4. This solution does not damage furniture or electronics. 
  5. The non-toxic formula is safe to use in sensitive environments, including hotels.
  6. Cryonite is flexible and extendable, making it easy to reach nearly all areas. 
  7. It is a valuable tool in any IPM or Green Pest Management program.

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